Transactional Due Diligence

  • Backgrounding on Key Individuals or Entities

  • Foregrounding to Discover and Predict Behavioral and Operational Characteristics of Individuals and Entities

Change-Risk Intelligence

  • Focuses on the Specific Consequences to Investors of Escalating Global Change

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Intelligence on Markets, Competitors, and Political Contexts for Prospective and Current Investments

Pre- and Post-Transactional Monitoring including “Indications and Warnings” (I&W)

  • Monitoring of Individuals and of Industrial, Political, Regulatory, and Security Conditions

Market Intelligence

  • Market Entry and Expansion

Competitor and Customer Intelligence

Discovery and Investigation of Potential Opportunities, Partners, or Adversaries and their Companies

  • Includes M&A Targets

Anti-Money-Laundering, Anti-Corruption, and “Know Your Customer” Intelligence

Situational Intelligence on Business and Legal Problems

Political and Regulatory Intelligence

Legal and Litigation Intelligence

  • Discovery intelligence on opposing litigants (individuals and entities)

  • Asset Discovery

  • Field work including surveillance, imagery, and collection of evidentiary materials

  • Computer forensics, electronic discovery (eDiscovery), and internal fraud investigations

  • Profiling of opposing counsel, venirepersons, and expert witnesses