Gordon Dee Smith


Based in Fort Worth, CEO Dee Smith has advised on over US $60 billion in investment transactions and has conducted projects in areas ranging from geopolitical analysis to transactional intelligence for the finance, technology, defense, energy, retail, transportation, and healthcare industries, among others. He has led projects in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, North America, Central and South America, and Australia and the Pacific. Prior to founding SIG, he was a venture capitalist in Europe and Latin America, an intelligence contractor, and the founder of an NGO. He is co-creator, host, and executive producer of A World On The Brink, a 5-part television documentary series on geopolitical risk and global change produced with Real Vision Television, which premiered in October 2017. Currently, he is Vice Chair of the Advisory Board of LLILAS/Benson Latin American Studies and Collections of the University of Texas at Austin, immediate past president of the board of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and the Bretton Woods Committee in Washington, D.C., and is active on many national boards in the arts and political science fields.
A World on the Brink with Dee Smith
Twitter: @DeeSmithTexas