Founded by Gordon Dee Smith in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1996, Strategic Insight Group has worked in more than 100 countries around the world.



After running a venture capital group in the early 1990s that brought European investment into Latin America, Smith founded SIG to provide the kind of information to investors that he had needed, but found hard to obtain unless he did it himself. 

The goal of Strategic Insight Group is to help investors make better decisions. SIG does this by using the intelligence modality to reveal hidden information: things people may not expect you to know, or may not want you to know . . . but that you need to know to make the best judgments and ameliorate risk.

While our intelligence reports are our central product, we work with clients before delivering a report (for example, when red flags arise) and afterward. 

In today’s globalized environment, investors deal more and more with individuals and entities in other jurisdictions they have never before heard of. It is more important than ever to know the details about who you are entering into a business relationship with, including their backgrounds, practices, and associations, and to understand in detail the context in which a proposed investment operates: markets, competitors, and geopolitical factors.

It is to help investors—and their invested entities and advisors—better judge these factors that SIG exists.



Andrew Mabry
Chief Operating Officer


Hugh Hackney
Director of Legal Intelligence 


Jacquelyn Mason Niznick
Associate Editor and Senior Analyst

Bronson Stocker
Chief Financial Officer 


Cole Ritchie
Associate Director of Operations and Data Protection Officer, Senior Analyst